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There are more reasons than one to invest in Tagaytay for a new real estate property or an addition to your growing list. It is one ideal choice for people looking to live in a peaceful place, away from pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also in a strategic location that is near top tourist spots in the country, including the People’s Park.

The property is also more than an hour away from Metro Manila, meaning you can go and visit your relatives living in the city anytime without any hassles.  While it is close to the country’s capital, it is less crowded as the metro. Another reason to invest at The Monticello is the cool weather in this part of the country. If you dislike the hot weather in Metro Manila, you will love it here at Tagaytay, which is taunted as one of the summer capitals of the country, along with Baguio City. You can experience the cold weather all-year round in this place, which is also rich with lush greens and outstanding nature.

The Monticello is also one of the upscale communities in the area.  Living here, you can greatly improve your life quality through livable and accessible neighborhoods including shopping centers and leisure places. The property is also in close proximity to hospitals and restaurants. Tagaytay also provides you with a retreat and a refuge, helping you recharge and rejuvenate on the weekends or anytime you desire.  You will be close to nature living at The Monticello.

Investing at The Monticello, you’ll have everything you need in your life close by, eliminating the need to travel far to visit and explore those places as mentioned in the last sections. If you’re ready to invest and put your hard-earned money to an ideal real estate investment, then you may want to take a second look at this luxurious real estate property in Tagaytay. Talk to us now!

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